Let us take away the hassle of gaining an alcohol licence

Which ever type of alcohol licence you require it will need to be processed though the correct authorities. Both personal alcohol licences and premise licence applications are granted by Council Licensing Authorities or in Scotland Licensing Boards. Let our professional alcohol licensing team of experts process your licence for you!

Personal Licence Applications

When processing a personal licence application you will need to provide evidence of your alcohol licensing qualification. This is obtained by attending a one day licensing law course and passing the qualifying examination.

Once you have received your qualification you will need to provide evidence to the issuing authority that you have no relevant criminal convictions. In England & Wales this is done by providing a basic DBS certificate with your licence application. In Scotland criminal record checks are conducted by the Police.

A personal licence application form will also need to be provided to the issuing authority, together with evidence that you have no relevant foreign offences and two endorsed passport sized photographs.


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Premises Licence Applications

We currently provide a premises licence application service for England & Wales. Each application is based on it own merits and some licence application may end up before a licensing committee hearing.

These days premise licence applications can be very complex as the applicant will need to demonstrate that their licence application will promote the relevant licensing objectives and conform with the local council's statement of licensing policy.

Our team of specialist licensing consults and legal experts can assist with most types of applications.

A new premises application will also need to be advertised publicly in a local newspaper and also at the premises in question. Copies of the application are also served upon all responsible authorities.


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